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September 2, 2001

I'm trying to make this site different from the others by adding games and such, but that's gonna take some time. I do have one little game you Seann fans could play while I try to get the game center prepared. Just click here and it will take you to a page that will allow you to create a story. It's kinda like Mad Libs. Well have fun and continue your visit here.

August 24, 2001

WOO-HOO!! Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back is out in theatres everywhere today and kudos go out to the lovely man we adore cause he makes an apperance in it. Go see it, but if you are underage, my advice would be not to make a fake i.d., but to have an older(adult) person pretend that he/she is with you and show the i.d. You pay for the tickets though. I'm going to see American Pie 2 next week(due to a busy schedule) and I will let yall know what went on. I started back to school yesterday and that's gonna really take time away from this website, so bare with me. I will update, but not as much as usual cause homework's gonna be weighing me expect slow updates. Please keep visiting because I emailed Seann and if you wanna know what went on with that, keep checking up on his shrine. I did not get a reply back yet, but I'm waiting patiently(he's busy...real busy).

August 19, 2001

Seventeen and Teen People's Annual 2001 Teen Choice Awards airs Monday 20, 2001 on Fox. If you check it out, you just might see Seann on it or some of his co-stars. I hope every one of you participated in the nominations because I did, and let me tell ya.....I picked everything that had Seann's name written all over it. I checked out the re-airing of Conan's show last Friday and luved it! I was astonished at one comment he made and couldn't hardly believe it. He said that girls aren't really into him that much and that they talk to his friends more than him. Wow!

August 15, 2001

Welcome to S*E*A*N*N.NET, Seann lovers! This site is specifically for Seann William Scott fans, only; no haters allowed!! I was doing some research on S.W.S. and realized that there aren't that many fan sites. That's when I decided to join the webmasters and create a site just for Seann and his fans. I hoped every one of you checked out "The Tonight Show", hosted by Jay Leno because cutie pie Seann made a guest appearance and he had his beard! He looks weird to me with it, but he's still just as cute as he was without it. Seann is going to be on "Late Night With Conan O' Brian" Friday 17, 2001 as soon as Jay's show is over, so get those vcr's ready to record. Make sure you participate in poll to the left and buh-bye for now.

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